Dom Irrera Live from the Laugh Factory (general)
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This week, Dom is joined by comedian and radio personality, Thom Tran!

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Dom Irrera chats up comedian Brent Morin about first jobs, working for Conan O'brien, and the women of Montreal. 

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Dom Irrera chats up comedian Chris D'elia about stand up, sitcoms, and talk show etiquette.

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Suli McCullough

Dom talks with Suli McCullough, a standup, comedy writer, and famous for his supporting role on The Jamie Foxx Show. They discuss working with Arsenio Hall, a mutual love of basketball and celebrity stories. 

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Laurie Kilmartin

Dom talks with comedienne and Conan writer Laurie Kilmartin. They discuss working on Late Night Talk Shows, doing comedy overseas, and sexual encounters.

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Jodi Miller

Comedienne Jodi Miller talks to Dom about plans for motherhood, her start in standup, and growing up in New Jersey.

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Shawn Wayans

Dom talks to comedian, actor, and producer Shawn Wayans. They discuss growing up as a Wayans brother, rasing his own kids, late night talk shows, and his upcoming projects. 

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Frazer Smith - Part 2

Frazer Smith re-joins Dom's podcast and talks with Dom and Jamie Masada about the origins of the Laugh Factory. And as Jamie interrupts Frazer throughout the show, Dom becomes more upset. 

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