Dom Irrera Live from the Laugh Factory (general)
Bill Dawes

Bill Dawes returns to the show, to explain why his previous appearance on the podcast had to be removed, and to talk about his recent back problems. 

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Ari Shaffir

Dom talks with Ari Shaffir about being a Jewish comedian, his move to New York, and relationships with women.

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Dom talks to Sebastian about his obsessive compulsive nature, his family life, and religion. 

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Ahmed Ahmed

Dom talks to comedian Ahmed Ahmed about being from Egypt, his role on the TBS show Sullivan and Son, and drama with other comedians.

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Kevin Nealon

Dom talks with legendary comic Kevin Nealon about starting standup in LA, meeting Woody Allen and Lorne Michaels, and of course, Weeds.

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Dom Irrera talks with Chicago born comedian Andrew Santino about crafting jokes, working in Los Angeles, meeting Christopher Guest, and his family life.

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Mike Marino

Dom Irrera talks to fellow Italian and great comic Mike Marino about his career in commercials, growing up Italian, and the future of comedy.

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Dave Attell

Dom talks to Dave Attell, of Insomniac and Dave's Old Porn, about touring with Mitch Hedberg, watching porn, and the future of Dave's standup career.

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Frazer Smith

Dom talks with Frazer Smith, legendary comedian and radio personality. They touch on many interesting stories from Frazer's past, including meeting a young David Lee Roth, making fun of Mike Tyson, and going to college with Tim Allen.

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Michael Kosta

Dom chats with young bright comedian Michael Kosta. They discuss his former days playing tennis, and the trials and tribulations of being a road comedian.

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