Dom Irrera Live from the Laugh Factory
Natasha Leggero

Dom Irrera and Natsha Leggero (from Last Comic Standing fame) chat about life, love, and who they don't like in showbusiness. 

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Bobby Lee

Dom Irrera and Bobby Lee elbow Jamie out of the podcast and chat about Bobby's career, haunted comedy clubs, and being typecast.

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Marc Maron

Dom talks with Marc Maron, a man famous for hosting his own wildly popular podcast, WTF. They discuss the business of standup, Marc's past addictions and his future in standup comedy.

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Dom, Jamie and former Street Smarts Host Frank Nicotero, chat about being from Pennsylvania, how he got his break into game shows, and his non-existent "dark side".

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Tony Rock

Dom, Jamie and guest Tony Rock discuss an array of topics, including their comedy influences, trouble with the law, and the dark secrets that Tony Rock doesn't seem to have.

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Joey Diaz

Dom chats it up with Joey Diaz about his time in jail, being on the Deathsquad Podcast with Joe Rogan, and the joys of being a genuine Italian.

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Tom Papa

Stand up vet Dom Irrera (@domirrera) chats up old and new comedian friends live on the world famous Laugh Factory stage with club owner Jamie Masada. Watch these comedy pals recount wild Hollywood tales, discuss their own lives, and consider the comedy business as it is and was, and what it will be. This weeks guest is Tom Papa.

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Comedy vet Dom irrera and Laugh Factory owner Jamie Masada chat with LA based comedian Darren Carter. 

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Adam Hills

Dom Irrera chats with Australian comedian Adam Hills, who claims Dom to be his daughter's American comedy Godfather. Together, Adam and Dom chat about international comedy and the Marx Brothers. 

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Wild man Brian Holtzman manages to sit down for 40 minutes to talk about rage, taking the punch of a lifetime, being a dog catcher, more rage, Tim Tebow and how to take it.

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