Dom Irrera Live from the Laugh Factory

Eleanor Kerrigan catches up with Dom to talk about past career as a wrestler, her favorite family members, and starting her stand up career.

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In this episode, Dom talks with guest Kate Quigley about comedy.

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Caleb Synan takes a go as Dom Irrera's co-host on this month's show. 

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Comedy writer Steve Skrovan guests recounting his TV writing career, stand-up comedy legends, and working with Ray Romano.

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Guy Torry guests on Dom Irrera's podcast to talk about his career, boxing and Def Jam's 25th Anniversary.

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Amanda Seales stops by to chat with Dom about getting her start in comedy in New York, adjusting to life in LA, black culture and history, Trump, Bill Cosby, Colin Kaepernick, the Ezekiel Elliot story, male comics telling her what not to say on stage and much more! Plus, Amanda and Dom debate about using the "N-word". 

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Jamie Kennedy stops by to chat with Dom about their shared experience growing up in Philly, Philadelphia comedians, how "hot" comedy is today compared to the 1980s, "legends", how he got a TV deal from bombing on stage in front of an executive, the best bands of the 80s, alcoholism, loyalty to sports teams and much more!

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Skyler Stone stops by to chat with Dom Irrera about his sobriety, his history with Dane Cook, how he got the last name "Stone", getting bumped at shows, getting banned, unbanned, banned, and finally unbanned again from the Laugh Factory and much more!

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This week, Dom is joined by comedian and actress, Jade Catta-Preta. 

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This week Dom is joined by comedian Bret Ernst!

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Dom is joined by comedian Kate Quigley!

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Brendan Schaub

This week, Dom is joined by Brendan Schaub!

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Margaret Cho

This week, Dom is joined by guest, Margaret Cho!

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