Dom Irrera Live from the Laugh Factory

Dom talks to Comedian Kelsey Cook about her recent set on Late Night w/ Jimmy Fallon, tells some stories from the road, talks LA vs. NYC and what she hopes for in her comedy future. 

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Tammy Pescatelli, a long time friend of Dom, visits the Laugh Factory in this episode to talk about her early days of stand up comedy and how the scene has changed. Tammy and Dom also discuss family and some of the recent stories affecting the comedy world.

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Jeremy Piven from Entourage and Mister Selfridge visits Dom on this episode to discuss Jeremy's recent entry into stand up comedy as well as his work on stage and television. This episode provides a glimpse into both of their backgrounds as actors and their transitions into stand up comedy.

Ruben Paul and his friend, Michael Bearden, guest on this episode to talk with Dom Irrera about Ruben's Haitian upbringing, the cultural benefits of performing internationally, and a Micheal Jackson painting that was a gift from Russell Peters.

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Maz Jobrani visits the Laugh Factory and talks with Dom about his character on the sitcom "Superior Donuts" and generating comedy from politics and world affairs. 

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Ismo visits the Laugh Factory a week after his appearance on Conan. Dom talks with Ismo about doing comedy in America, writing jokes in two languages, and marriage in the Finland.

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Maronzio Vance and Dom are live on this episode full of talk about the beginning a career, sacrificing relationships for comedy, and the comedy business at large.

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Jessimae Peluso guests on this episode to talk with Dom about tending to family health concerns, comedy on the road, and not taking life so seriously.

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