Dom Irrera Live from the Laugh Factory

Erica Rhodes makes her debut on Dom's podcast and talks with Dom about developing as comics and recalling their early days doing stand up. There's even a shameless plug for Erica's new comedy album "Sad Lemon" out June 18, 2019.

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Adam Ray is back on the show with Dom Irrera to talk about family, 90s TV show stars, Fabio commercials, and working in the comedy business. There's also a special guest call!

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Comic Ruben Paul stops by to talk with Dom about touring as an opener for a-list acts, racial issues, and more!

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Comic Dean Delray returns with musician Jeff Fletcher of the Wonder Bread 5 to talk about music and Dean's stand up career since his last appearance. 

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Adam Hunter and Dom talk about Nick Di Paolo's  controversial new special and stand up comedy.

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Dov Davidoff visits the Laugh Factory to talk with Dom about acting technique, and threesome stories, and family! 

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Dom and comedian Elon Gold (Curb Your Enthusiasm) talks opening jokes, words you shouldn't say, doing 30 year old impressions and more.

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Dom and Max Amini talk about Max's transition into directing, stand up comics as actors, being supportive of the community, knowing Tiffany Haddish and more.

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Dom Irrera and Kate Quigley talk about comedy, relationships, featuring for Joey Diaz, mental health, and their mourning for the recently passed Brody Stevens.

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