Dom Irrera Live from the Laugh Factory

Dom and John Henson (of Talk Soup and Wipeout) discuss parents, divorce, and John's standup and television career. 

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Jon Katz

Dom and Jon Katz (of Dr. Katz) talk about growing in the standup business, his new show Explosion Bus, and all the while, wait patiently for Jon's lunch to arrive.

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Johnny Sanchez

Dom talks to Johnny Sanchez (one of the 3 Non-Juans, MADtv) about being a latin comic, acting vs standup, and Michael Richards at the Laugh Factory.

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Dean Delray

Dom and Dean Delray (a man fresh to the comedy world, but not to the world of music) chat about their musical influences, celebrity stories and social media.

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Little Esther

Dom and up-and-coming standup Little Esther (of Deathsquad Podcast, Brode and Esther Podcast) chat about being young and in standup.

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